2022’s Biggest Gaming News: Huge GTA 6 Leak, PS5 Price Hike, E3 Returns

It’s the end of the year, so let’s look back at 2022’s biggest gaming news.

2022 is coming to a close, and it was another whirlwind, unpredictable, and exciting year in the video game industry. A lot happened this year, so much so that anyone could be forgiven for forgetting some of the year’s biggest gaming news. In this gallery we’re looking back at 2022’s biggest news stories, including Microsoft’s proposed bid to buy Activision Blizzard, E3 being canceled (and then resurrected), developers pushing to form labor unions, and more.

And the news isn’t stopping just yet! The big-time The Game Awards showcase takes place on December 8, and we’re expecting a good amount of big news to come out of that show.

2022 was also a year marked by a series of major gaming acquisitions, and you can read more in GameSpot’s rundown of 2022’s biggest gaming buyouts in the days ahead.

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